dining room

Butterfly Dining Room

The Butterfly dining room set exudes timeless elegance and sophistication.

Here are its exquisite features:

  • Dining Table: A grand, white dining table with intricate carvings and a glossy finish takes center stage. Its curved legs add a touch of grace.
  • Chairs: Six matching chairs surround the table, each featuring elegant upholstery and carved wooden frames. Their design complements the table’s ornate detailing.
  • Mirror and Sideboard: Above the sideboard, a decorative mirror with elaborate designs reflects the room’s opulence. The sideboard, matching the table’s style, offers both storage and visual appeal.
  • Additional Seating: Two plush armchairs and a sofa, upholstered in the same light fabric as the dining chairs, provide extra seating options.The Butterfly dining room set is a statement piece for those who appreciate traditional craftsmanship and refined aesthetics.


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