dining room

Campus Kids Room

The Campus kids room set is a vibrant and well-organized ensemble designed for young learners.

Here are its delightful features:

  • Single Bed: The soft blue single bed, adorned with pillows and a throw blanket, stands against an energetic orange wall. It’s a cozy spot for rest and imagination.
  • Wardrobe: A white wardrobe with two doors provides ample storage. Stickers or decals add a playful touch.
  • Study Area: A wooden desk with an open laptop, books, and stationery items encourages focused learning. Wall-mounted shelves hold more books and decorative items. The ergonomic chair ensures comfort during study sessions.
  • Dresser with Mirror: The dresser features drawers and an attached mirror, perfect for getting ready in style.

The Campus kids room set balances education and leisure, making it an inspiring space for young minds.


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